Online trip to Japan: Studio Ghibli and Kyoto tea ceremony

Despite the omnipresent restrictions, the pandemic has not dampened our wanderlust.  Both for those who will be able to travel soon but want to do field research and for those who stay at home, don’t hesitate to participate in any of these online experiences. The arteastroad team has had the opportunity to experience both trips […]

Film review: Ramen teh (Ramen Shop) – 2019 Erik Khoo

If you ever crave a bowl of pork rib soup in one of those tiny charming places on a hidden corner of Singapore, take a walk by this delicious film together with Masato. The ride will bring you from his small ramen shop in Takasaki, Japan, to the restaurant of his maternal uncle, Ah Wee, who […]

Review: Self Portrait of Other – Tetsuya Ishida

Self-Portrait of Other is a revelation for all those who devote their vital time to greasing the wheel of labour exploitation without questioning the system. Just as a psychic gifted with an extraordinary mind, Tetsuya Ishida’s, the Japanese painter, portraits reproduce a realistic view of what could have been considered a dystopia come true: the […]

Asian Film Festivals in Europe 2019

February is the month of cinema and to celebrate it AER shares with you a compilation of some of the most relevant Asian film festivals that take place in Europe throughout the year. Taiwan Film festival, Reykjavik (8-24 March 2019); London (3-14 April 2019) This festival is proud of being the first in the UK […]

Double Exposure -13-28 October – ArtBox Shanghai, Contemporary art exhibition

Chinese art scene is blooming and Double Exposure, the exhibition that opens its doors on the 13th of October in Shanghai, is a living evidence of this. The exposition has been set by three debuting Chinese curators, Wang Fei, Gu Ni and Yan Qihan, still students at Shanghai University. Double exposure, refers to a photography […]

Rain Wu: “I think food is very powerful, there is no other material that can go through your body without harming it”

Rain Wu is a Taiwanese-born, London-based artist currently doing a residency at the Food Lab of the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht in the Netherlands. She received her formal education as an architect at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL and afterwards pursued a master degree in architecture at the Royal College of Arts. […]

Wang Huan Qing: “The era in which we live is unprecedented. Through realistic realism, I record the hardships and goodness of human existence”

Wang Huan Qing (1989) is a painter from Zhaoxian, Hebei, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in oil painting under the direction of the artist Hong Yu. Her work Afternoon was selected to be exhibited at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in 2014. She […]

Sujatro Ghosh: “My primary intention is never to change the tradition but probably to normalize the theme”

Sujatro Ghosh is a 24-year-old (1993) feminist artivist, artist activist, Calcutta-based. He is well known for his Cow Mask project that went viral last summer 2017 and has also contributed in other less-known photojournalistic enterprises. The Cow Mask Project could be visited recently in Laval, France, in his first solo exhibition in France. Una publicación compartida […]

5 things that you may not know about night markets

Chaotic, smelly, noisy, crowded, hot and, yes, at times, also not that clean… Night markets can be a little overwhelming but, yet, experiencing the night out there is a very unique and authentic experience that you can’t miss if you visit Asia. If you have ever visited one of them in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, […]