Online trip to Japan: Studio Ghibli and Kyoto tea ceremony

Despite the omnipresent restrictions, the pandemic has not dampened our wanderlust.  Both for those who will be able to travel soon but want to do field research and for those who stay at home, don’t hesitate to participate in any of these online experiences. The arteastroad team has had the opportunity to experience both trips first hand and can only recommend them, are you coming with us?

Explore Ghibli spots in Japan

With this Airbnb experience, both Studio Ghibli and Japan geeks will have the opportunity to travel virtually through the Land of the Rising Sun, from North to South.

This online trip discovers participants corners of Japan that inspired some of the most famous settings and stories from the studio founded by Hayao Miyazaki. From natural scenery to buildings, streets, shops, and even food! Visit the Spirited away Bathhouse and its surroundings, Totoro’s Forrest as well as other unsuspected spots and objects that triggered some of the most magical elements of the Ghibli universe. All hosted by a local tour guide who is an expert on the films and has created exclusive material for this sofa-adventure.

Recommended if… The experience Explore Ghibli spots in Japan provides good ideas for places to visit if you are planning an alternative trip that doesn’t follow the flow of common tourist destinations. Suitable to meet people with similar interests online.

Authentic Kyoto tea ceremony

As tea lovers on arteastroad we were looking for an amazing adventure that could bring us to the heart of the tea ceremony without leaving home, and we got it!

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You may have probably tried matcha sometime on one of those fancy coffee shops but… do you know where it comes from? How has been traditionally drunk for centuries? What features make matcha one of the most particular green teas you can drink? All the answers to these questions (and more!) can be found on this online tea ceremony live performed under request from a traditional teahouse in Kyoto.  Camellia Flower Teahouse is an idyllic setting where tradition and zen elements merge to allow guests to travel to Japan with almost all the senses. To enhance the experience it is recommended to purchase some matcha and follow the instructor.

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Dressed in a beautiful traditional kimono, our guide greets us from the other side of the screen. The truth is that, as we do not share the space, it is difficult for us to maintain the silence required in this type of ceremony and we start bombarding her with many questions. She, very kindly, explains to us the names of the most important elements of the ceremony as well as the instruments she is going to use to make the tea. After the introduction, she proceeds to perform the ceremony as it has been done for hundreds of years.

Recommended if… Lovers of tea and aesthetic activities may find Authentic Kyoto tea ceremony pleasant for both eyes and heart. A good activity to do with family and friends and learn more about traditional Nipon culture.

Prepare a tea for even more enjoyment